As parents, we want what is best for our kids. We read books and research that show how being confident, connected and compassionate helps our children be more resilient, happier, and self-motivated. But why is it so difficult to be like this with our kids, especially when faced with challenging behaviors or situations?

Kim Griffith discovered the missing piece of the puzzle to why parenting can be so challenging and what stops us from being the parent we really want to be. The WAVE™ process she created brings simplicity to recognizing “emotional triggers” and breaking reactive patterns that sabotage our best intentions, and allows us to respond authentically, in a confident, calm and clear way.

Kim has a Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Studies/Psychology and is a Board Certified Life & Wellness Coach and parent educator whose approach to parenting integrates the latest brain research with principles of high-level wellness and Positive Psychology. From her research and experience, Kim developed and teaches the WAVE™, a powerful 4-step formula that helps you navigate through any challenge, big or small, while bringing more understanding and ease into parenting. As a result, children gain self-confidence, self-control, and feel empowered in their own lives.

*The WAVEis a 4-step self-coaching process that moves you and your child into true partnership and empowerment. The WAVEgives you the ability to remove blocks and reactions from lower brain -- anger, fear, control; fight, flight or freeze -- and helps you respond from your higher brain in a confident, calm, and clear way, ending conflict and power struggles once and for all.

"Your greatest weakness shall be your greatest strength." 

Often the circumstance that affects us most in life turns out to be what also gives us passion, direction, and purpose. This is certainly true for me.  My desire to understand why people think, feel, and act the way they do started at a very young age.  The disconnection and struggle I experienced growing up in my family later led me to the field of psychology. Instead of traditional psychology, I chose a master’s program that is centered around recognizing and releasing limiting patterns, and reconnecting with our inner guidance to be all that we can be.  

I thought I had it all figured out!  That was, until my daughter was born. I already understood how important it was to be present and loving to my child, but what I didn’t know was how difficult it would be to actually DO it!
I found myself reacting to the smallest things. I was in a cloud of frustration, confusion, and physical pain.  I was aware of my thoughts and behavior, but couldn’t seem to stay in a place of love and connection.  After taking a broad range of classes in transpersonal psychology, working with individual clients, and teaching group workshops, I found my greatest strength. I began transforming my pain and confusion into clarity and purpose.  I discovered that my parenting challenges were providing me the opportunity to remember my desire for family and connection. Parent Empowerment Coaching is my way of taking action and empowering other parents to face their own difficult parenting experiences while discovering personal purpose and joy in the process.  

-- Kim


Dr. Meg Hanshaw is a wellness and education visionary who teaches and supports teachers and kids in living healthy, empowered, purposeful lives. She has researched and lectures about how the POWER OF WELLNESS affects the development and prevention of chronic illness, and increases individual resiliency and stress tolerance in all areas of life.

Meg is a certified Life & Wellness Coach with her master’s in Exercise Science and a Ph.D. in Education, is Founder and  President of the Board for the non-profit International Body-Mind Empowerment Enterprises (i.b.mee.), and currently is Director of the Teacher Empowerment Division of Empowerment Enterprises LLC based in Dallas, Texas.