Join Parent Empowerment Coach Kim Griffith with Meg Hanshaw, PhD, in this powerful 6-week group coaching teleseries:

 Learn the WAVE™, Kim’s life-changing 4-step formula for reducing parenting stress and finding win-win solutions that create more ease and joy with your child.

• Access leading-edge parenting research that reveals what kids (and really all of us) need to be calmer and happier.

• Discover the secret to being confident about your parenting choices, and be the parent you really want to be.

• Map out a personal blueprint that will guide you in setting limits that your child responds positively to.

• Practice and become skilled at using tools that help you break through any parenting challenge!

What really makes this web-series different are the tools and the practice. With Kim's revolutionary WAVE™ forum you'll get hands-on, interactive participation with weekly exercises, helpful worksheets, Q&A, plus training on how to incorporate the WAVE™ into your own parenting style.

FREE BONUS - Private Coaching with Kim!
By signing up for this teleclass, you’ll also receive a 30-minute private coaching session to address any parenting challenge you are ready to change!

Parent Empowerment Teleclass Series 

with Kim Griffith, Parent Empowerment Coach
and Meg Hanshaw, PhD, Wellness Coach & Trainer

We are currently putting together a video and workbook of our Parent Empowerment Course! You can reserve a copy now; it's scheduled for publication and release in early 2014!

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"Learning the WAVE™ process has helped me stay calm, be able to see what's really going on with my child, and given me the skills to respond in a clear and confident way that gets results!"
-- TG, Ontario, Canada